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23 Mar

Lee Scratch Perry at The Black Ark

We often find ourselves looking for a little inspiration.

Here is someone you may or may not be aware of.  Lee “Scratch” Perry is a writer, producer, engineer, and recording artist.  He is one of the architects of Reggae music and a pioneer of dub.  He came to prominence in the late 1960’s first as a recording artist, by 1973 he had learned the game enough to build his own studio and record store.  His legendary Black Ark Studio was perhaps the first “project” studio that was making real records.  His work now encompasses 6 decades.  His 1970’s and 80’s output should be required listening for anyone fascinated with the origins of electronic music.  He is a powerfully soulful singer who embodies the word swag.  He is a true studio innovator, as one of the first producers to literally play the mixing board and effects as the “final instrument” on a recording.  Many of the things Scratch did first we now accept as common place.  Much is available online about him…. Check it out.


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